SeaFarer Services

ASM is a government recognized recruiting agency, and we are Licensed by the DGS, India [RPSL /02/CHN];
we are familiar with the procedures of the relevant Indian agencies and foreign consulates; we are able to advise, counsel and assist seafarers with visa applications. We will also guide on how to complete Police Clearance, Medical Exam, STCW Training, etc. In addition to our head office in Chennai, we now have Customer care offices in Mumbai, Dubai and Greece and provide convenient access for applicants and crew.

Application Process:

Our step by step process ensures we recruit only top candidates:
Application for registration: We have comprehensive application process, which clearly indicates the requirements in the way the young applicants can understand and the procedure involved very clearly. They are very candidly explained about the nature of job, life in mid sea and what will be expected of them. They have to sign declarations to the effect that have understood. There is a special job orientation class during documentations; they are given ample opportunity to go through all the documents, contracts, agreements, get all their misgivings cleared before they sign the documents and embark on their career.

Job vacancy brief:

We know very well that every shipping company is unique. That is why our marine recruitment services are flexible and adaptable to suit the ship owners and the seafarer’s exact needs. We obtain in-depth information about the nature of the vessel, manpower requirements of vessels ,including number of crewing personnel required , caliber of personnel, employment terms and Timing and understanding the HR policy and contract formats and manning terms and conditions. In the process we ensure both the seafarer and the ship owner or Manager or the captain get mutually connected well and get to know each other.

Final Interview and Documentation:

An interview schedule will be created to suit the needs of the seafarers and the urgency of the job requirements. We pre-select candidates for the ship owner to interview.The candidates are finally interviewed by the our Marine Superintendent and Chief Engineer as a part of our Quality control. Wherever necessary the seafarers are connected with the employers directly. The selected candidates are provided with job orientation, counseling on meeting Immigration people and explained on the usage and application of Documents in different places in their transit to join the job.

Travel Arrangements/Crew management:

When it is time for the seafarer to join your ship or other posting, ASM coordinates with the Scheduling Departments of the employer and the Port Agents. We have excellent connections with some of the big time IATA approved travel agents to see the seafarers get the right deal . Our strong, experienced Crew Manning personnel ensure that seafarer arrives at their port of call on time.


Wherever necessary the seafarers are provided with Training on Soft skills, Communication skills, and value added technical skills apart pre embankment orientation.

Crew Training & Development :

We recognize that our seafarers are crucial to our ongoing success and adopt extensive interviews and testing techniques to ensure that we recruit the best. For those that are successful, we work with each individual to understand their current and future aspirations and do all that we can to support their career at sea including:

  • Gaining feedback from Senior Officers on a “new to company” within one month of joining a vessel
  • Committing and embracing appraisal systems, working in partnership with our Clients.
  • Offering support through face to face contact as the need arises
  • Development of a Talent Pool to identify those with high potential in order to fast track their career. Identification of suitable courses in line with regulatory changes within the industry .Arrange regular Occupational
  • Health Assessments in line with company policy
  • Providing support to the seafarers of the future through our partnership with SSTG

Our mailing Address

M/S. Adarsh Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.,
#2, Nagalingam Street, Sivagami Nagar,
Gowrivakkam, Chennai – 600073,
TamilNadu, India